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Time for Magic – Which Moon Phase to Cast Your Spell Introduction All Witches are aware of the power of moon phases and they have been using them since the old time to provide them with guidance, courage, luck, success and of course to heighten the power of their spellwork. The moon ...
Posted by Melissa Psychic on 06 November 2020 11:55
During these unprecedented time Melissa Psychic will be continuing to deliver your readings as normal. I know these times are causing us all fear and uncertainty and has caused our lives not only to be halted but to also turned upside down.  My readings will always leave you feeling positive an ...
Posted by Melissa Psychic on 09 October 2020 12:37
We all have Psychic abilities, didn’t you know? Well yes it is very much true. We all have a third eye called the Pineal glad which is pretty much the same make up as our actual eyes! Have you ever thought of someone and they called or showed up? Or had a gut feeling about something and it tur ...
Posted by Melissa Psychic on 28 September 2020 19:13
Melissa Psychic's tried and tested new and old health products Coconut Oil I have been using coconut oil since around 2015, I first started using it after reading about the benefits of oil pulling. Oil pulling is an old tradition where you simply swish the oil around your mouth for 10 - 30 minutes ...
Posted by Melissa Psychic on 18 May 2018 14:32
Manuka Honey Ok so where do I start with this golden elixir? I absolutely love this stuff for me it is my go-to cure for most common illnesses. Manku honey is full of antibacterial qualities. I started to have tonsillitis a few years back when I first heard of the Manuka honey, I combi ...
Posted by Melissa Psychic on 18 May 2018 14:30

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