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Life Purpose Reading

Your Free Life Purpose Reading - 

Focus on the image below and allow your intuition to pick a card for you. Scroll down to see your life's purpose!




Card 1 - Bodywork

“Your life purpose involves bodywork, such as massage therapy, energy healing, physical therapy, or exercise training.You drew this card as encouragement to involve yourself in bodywork to heal yourself and others. Receiving and giving massage and other forms of physical care is at the center of your life purpose. It appears that you have “healing hands” and have naturally been drawn to the healing arts for some time. This card is a validation that this is a fulfilling path for you to go down.The challenge is for you to take excellent care of your own body as you find avenues to provide care for others. You’re naturally a giver, and that includes sending healing energy to your clients and loved ones. Be sure to include yourself in this mix and take time for exercise, massage, and receiving treatments as well. You’re encouraged to take classes that mirror your natural interests in various healing modalities. Taking an eclectic approach to bodywork will ensure that these interests stay  keen and at a high level.”  When you walk the path of healing others, especially with some type of bodywork, it is vital that you take care of your own body.  Don’t discount that part of the message … it is a challenge to remember this, but not taking care of yourself means you’ll be no help to anyone else.  Remember … this is who you are meant to be!

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Card 2 - Crystals

“This card is a signal for you to delve more deeply into your understanding of crystals and gemstones, as they’re calling you to work with them as part of your life purpose. These objects amplify and direct the Divine healing energy to people, animals, and the environment. Each one has a life force, to which you’ve often connected. Now it is time to research this connection through classes, books, and intuitively communicating with crystals.
There’s a reason why crystals are used in watches, computers, and medical devices-namely, their power to magnify energy and light in directed ways. Similarly, you can use them for healing purposes to amplify your natural abilities. Your work may combine crystals with massage, energy healing, arts and crafts, or other endeavors. Regardless of what you do, be sure to include these powerful objects. If your new to working with stones, paying a visit to a gem shop is a good starting place. Walk through with an open mind and heart, and notice which crystals attract you. Then read up on the healing properties of the ones that call to you. You’ll find that they provide exactly the energy most needed at that time. Trust that this Law of Attraction process will also work through you to help your clients.”

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Card 3 - Teaching

You have a special gift of inspiring others with your words, knowledge and life experiences. The angels are saying these gifts makes you a natural teacher. Whether you enjoy working with children or adults, the angels say you have a natural ability to connect with people and teach others valuable information that will strengthen their skills in life. If you’ve never explored the thought of teaching, the angels are encouraging you to meditate and ask yourself a few questions, such as; ‘What am I passionate about? What topics do I enjoy talking about with others? Do I enjoy being around children or adults? Would I enjoy presenting information in person, such as a classroom setting or at a distance, such as online? Would I need any type of certification, training, or education in the area I feel called to teach?’ This is a great time to explore teaching opportunities that you are passionate about. You may be inspired to host a meetup group and present information you are passionate about with other like-minded individuals. The angels are encouraging you to explore all your options!

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