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Monthly Horoscopes

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Your September Horoscopes


With enough love given, no problem in front of you will be that difficult to bear. Try not to get involved in matters that make you nervous and take your energy away and think about confidence that can pull you through rather than thinking about feelings getting hurt by incoherent actions of others. You have done a lot and you shouldn’t let any goals go due to insecurity or malicious comments of any kind. It is important to find good intentions in deeds of others, but it is just as important to mind your own business and keep yourself away from people whose intentions drain your passion away. No one is bound to give unsolicited advice, and you shouldn’t either, unless if you are asked for it directly and with a clear intention.

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If you are tired, rest, even if some would disapprove or you feel guilty for doing so. Perhaps you will be more satisfied in time if you give your body and mind what they truly need instead of questioning yourself for having desires that aren’t as ordinary as they “should be”. Rely on your inner judgment and it will take you much further than any outer norm or social imperative that you are trying to follow. Drifting away from a special someone, you need some solitude to understand where your actual needs lie and what is happening to your close relationships. Hold on in a manner that allows honesty and an openhearted approach and try to ignore any attempts of manipulation and unclear intentions. A lot of anger will unconsciously pile up if you don’t have enough of truthfulness in your intimate bonds.

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Tom & Jerry was originally a cocktail. Although you didn’t have all the information about the history of certain issues, they are getting clearer and this month brings numerous new acknowledgments your way. Just as Mars turns backwards on the 9th of September, you will return to matters that were once left unresolved and have a chance to do some things all over again. Anger and passive energies might drag you down if you aren’t careful. Make sure you choose conflict only when it is constructive and when the other person is open for discussion. If not, perhaps this is a good moment to set a clearer boundary and create some distance. Give yourself enough time to peacefully move through any setback in your way.

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A lot of tension is bound to color your world of relationships, especially in the world of romance and sexuality. Passion might take over only for love to prevail by the end of September, and you must be careful not to get carried away by instincts over your own better judgment. It won’t be easy to find a line of balance, but it is possible if you keep on breathing and turning to the spiritual imperatives that will inspire your Soul to evolve. You thought you were over and done with certain people, but they will come back and show their efforts or lack of them clearly. For the most part of the month, you won’t easily make decisions or move very far, but the information you collect will serve as a foundation for future choices.

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Discussions may become endless if you aren’t careful enough and if you don’t allow sensitivity of heart to guide your forwards. In order to get understanding, you must give it too, but this doesn’t mean you should get stuck in the process of giving without reciprocity. The real foundation for healthy boundaries isn’t found in respect of others but in your own self-respect. Turn to you and put yourself on top of your priority lists without compromise.

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Some hotels use chips to locate stolen linens and towels. Try not to bend the rules for there might be information that you are unaware of, and you won’t outrun the laws that bind you and those that made you feel uncomfortable in the first place. Feed your needs in a healthy manner, leaving enough time for cozy evenings, warm relationships, and laughter even if times get dark. Balance has already been made. What you need now is healthy initiative and a lot of faith in your own abilities. Perhaps some people are meant to inspire you instead of shaming you, and it is time to see beyond insecurities and open your heart for new perspectives and choices that will alter the course of your life.

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You will easily get carried away into thinking that your current relationship with retrograde movements and obstacles that others are facing don’t have much to do with your own path. Be careful not to jump to conclusion, as Sun’s position in Libra colors the last week of the month and brings your ego to fall. Give a helping hand, expect the unexpected, and be cautious along the way. With high aspirations, this is a time when many Leos will find it easy to study, learn from painful experiences, and some might decide to enroll in a new course, a school or college. In need of education and more knowledge about things you are passionate about, you should give yourself an opportunity to blossom, no matter how long the process will take.

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The month of September brings incredible new information, especially its beginning when everything shady finally comes to order and pieces of the puzzle combine very well. You are prepared to take risks, but perhaps you should wait a bit longer when it comes to matters that involve other people and expenses that you aren’t sure you will be able to handle over time. Priorities won’t change much, but your approach to realistic expectations will. With a lot of tension and impatience in the air, you will feel a strong need to distance yourself from other people, no matter the global pandemic or local rules that set you apart. Have faith that your Soul already evokes exactly what it needs in order to evolve.

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The fastest growing tissue on our planet are deer antlers. Things won’t go that fast in your personal world, but you can be sure that Nature is taking its course and some of its cycles simply have to be respected, no matter what you might want. Many Libras will have to return to workplaces and into relationships and dialogues that make you feel unease. Resolve to move on and realize that life serves exactly what it must in order for your lessons of the heart to be learned. It is time to let emotions go, especially those of passive anger that has been accumulating over the years. Things will only go your way if you go along with them and evoke what you need by purity of emotions that are bound to take you towards joyous manifestations.

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You feel the need to experiment and get the work done at any given cost, but you might be wrong when assessing your own limitations and timelines. Don’t try too hard. What is meant to find you will come your way with ease, and the more energy you put into things that don’t feel as good as they should, the further you will move from what truly makes you happy and keeps you inspired and in touch with your talents. Give yourself room to learn about new processes and things that interest you at the moment. People change and so do you, and perhaps a phase of your life is over and it is time for a new start, one that allows more time for personal matters and your own heart.

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Many things will be funny if you look at them from the right angle. You don’t have to take them too personally, especially if close people in your life are lost at the moment and wandering around the unknown territories of emotion. You have the patience and the stamina to endure and remain loyal and optimistic no matter the circumstances at hand. The middle of the month brings challenges that are bound to be resolved through healthy dialogue, even if you would rather avoid it. Offer your pure honesty and an approach that allows everyone to feel safe and secure. You have the gift of openness and directness that brings a sense of ease into any situation. Take advantage of your own beliefs and the mind that allows you to see the light in everyone and the silver lining in anything.

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In order to claim lottery winnings, Canadians must solve a mathematical problem. You have conditions that must be met in order to make progress, and it is impossible to outrun circumstances and avoid paying the price for certain rewards. Although this may lead to frustration and keep you on edge, nervousness won’t resolve anything, and you will be bound by circumstances that you can only live through in the best possible way. Marriages and romances might break apart if conflicts take a hold of them and become impossible to resolve. Meditate, spend time in silence and solitude, so your priorities can speak for themselves and you can show gratitude and love to those you wish to cherish and keep in your life for a long time.

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