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Souls Journey

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Focus your attention to the imagies below, which ever one you are most drawn to scroll down to recieve your message x




All humans are created from the same Source, but there are some souls that share a unique kinship. Friendship can be the most exciting and beautiful experience on Earth, but it can also be frustrating and heartbreak­ing. Understand that everyone in your path is here to teach you something. It may be for a year or a lifetime. Together you will teach eachother various lessons of the heart such as trust, love, loyalty, and admiration. The bonds of friendship are often stronger than those of family. You have formed a bridge of understanding between the two of you that has stood the test of time—and of lifetimes. A true friend will illuminate your path instead of dim it. He or she will give advice with your best interests at heart. To be able to communicate at a soul level with another human being is the biggest treasure of the physical dimension.


The Lovers

This card signals that a significant relationship is on your mind. It may be romantic in nature, or it may be an intimate but platonic friendship. Communication is key right now, and it’s important to develop trust within the relationship. You can safely share your feelings with someone close to you. 
It’s also time to make an important decision about your life. The conclusions you reach now greatly influence your future, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Make sure your choices are thoroughly considered and that you’re able to act upon them.
Additional meanings of this card: The need for balance. A return to good health. Marriage and weddings.
Archangel Raphael, in addition to being the angel of health and traveling, is the patron of soul mates. Raphael can help with significant relationships, including romance, friendship, business, and family. He can also help you manifest the soul-mate partnership of your dreams.


Gaia ~ Nurturing: “Earth Mother, Mother Goddess, Great Goddess, Terra Mater… and Gaia. In the Greek pantheon, this magnificent being was Earth personified as a goddess. Daughter of Chaos, she was the mother and wife of Uranus (heaven). It is her body that we walk upon ever day, and the substance of our own bodies is the substance of hers. It is from Gaia that we receive everything we need for survival, which she provides for us abundantly, nurturing our body, mind and soul. She nurtures our bodies by offering the fruit of the trees, the greens from the Earth and the air that we breathe. She nurtures our minds through her awesome physical and dynamic beauty and, as depicted in this card, by the amazing colourfulness and diversity of the world she is constantly creating and re-creating. She nurtures our souls by caressing us with her blessings each day and challenging us to be better humans through her response to our attentions and intentions.

Receiving can be a scared act if your intention is to honour Spirit. It is as holy as giving when performed with a humble and open heart. This is even truer when receiving much needed nurturing, so let others give to you. It may be a stretch to do so at times because of childhood conditioning, but that habit can be overcome. Your wounds can be healed. One way to achieve this is to nurture yourself, and allow others to nurture you.

Consider the actions you take that are self-nurturing. What comes to your mind when you really think about doing beneficial things for yourself? Set aside your ritualized habits and beliefs that restrict the pure act of allowing your body, heart, and soul to be nurtured. Lie on the Earth and ask Gaia to rock you in her bosom as you breathe with her and relax into her loving care.”


Crystals - 

This card presents a dual meaning with respect to the term crystal.  One or both may apply to you, which you’ll know by your inner reaction while reading these words.

First, this card represents the crystals of the mineral kingdom.  These powerful beings emit, transmute, and magnify energies.  For example, clear quarts can increase your psychic clarity, black obsidian stone is an effective protector, pink rose quartz opens your heart to love, and purple amethyst raises your spiritual vibration.  This card is asking you to work with crystal energy as you feel guided to: by yourself, with the help of a crystal practitioner, or by conducting crystal healings for others.

The second meaning relates to people who are considered “crystaline” themselves – that is, they are quiet and sensitive transmitters of healing energy.  Most Crystals are young children, so this card could indicate that you are parenting or working with a Crystal child.  You may also have crystal characteristics yourself – particularly, if you are gentle, soft-spoken, and a nature lover.


Water fall- Water naturally falls from higher to lower ground, eventually finding its way to the ocean.  One of nature's most exquisite and dynamic demonstrations of this fact is the waterfall.  Graceful, powerful and effortless, she can take the breath away with her cascading beauty.  She readily flows around that which may impede.  She's extremely patient, persistent and skillful in the way she ever so gradually shapes and carves her passageway down the slopes of the mountain.  Note how the waterfall forms ribbons that accord with the artistry of the stone faces she descends, joining the calmer pool for a rest before continuing her journey.  There is no strain or stress in this movement, the water simply follows natural law in the interaction between the formation of the precipice that she traverses and the powerful fluidity and adaptability of her flow. Effortless.

You have come to the edge of your comfort zone, there is no need to resist moving past that perceived precipice of who you are, how you can be or what you can do. Spirit is asking you to step beyond the edge and allow yourself to do so with ease.  At times physical exertion may be necessary but when performed with fluidity and grace you'll find the movement moves you, effortlessly. Approach your current situation with awareness and grace, do not try to make it effortless as that just creates more strain. The key word here is allow, even if you are being asked to let go completely and tumble into the brink of creation itself.  You will find the waters there to be ultimately still and calm. Keep your focus on your solar plexus and your breath.  Relaxing and yielding to the movement that is occurring at any given moment makes your life effortless.


Lotus Flower ~ Unfoldment: “The lotus flower sits upon one of its leaves, having risen to the surface as the sun – held in the hand of God – invites it upward to the light. This unique plant is rooted in the mud and muck at the bottom of a body of water, its stem reaching up to the surface, where the leaves rest quietly. At night the flower closes and sinks below the surface, only to rise with the daylight and once again gradually unfold its petals, its stem extending above the waterline three feet or more.

What we learn from this amazing plant is how our own spiritual path unfolds and opens to the light, then at times gently folds in on itself for a proper rest when the daylight fades. This period is just as necessary as the growth, for it allows the plant to integrate what it has gained in nourishment during the day. It is also just as important that it is rooted, and it is yet another miracle of Nature that something so exquisitely beautiful is formed from the mud and silt at the water’s bottom.

Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring at all times whether or not you are aware of it. It is inevitable as long as you put your trust in the hands of the Creator, the One who holds the Light. Like the lotus, your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill it’s karmic destiny, but even in that process there are periods of darkness and times to rest. It is a natural cycle, one that cannot truly be coerced or halted. It has an innate rhythm of its own, one that is unique to the Being that is you.

You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition. It does no good to try to force growth upon yourself – or others, for that matter. Allowing is the key here. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light to do so while recognizing that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and, occasionally, suffering. Your steady faith and love will guide you on  your journey of returning to the light.”


Power Of Prayer

This card usually appears when you’ve been worrying, and trying to figure out “how” your situation will be resolved. The angels are guiding you to replace worry with prayer. It doesn’t matter how you pray or what words you use, but only that you do pray sincerely from your heart.  Prayer brings you into direct communication with God, Jesus, and your angels. When you are speaking directly to these powerful beings of love and light, you are ensuring that your desires and needs are expressed. Just as asking for help opens the door to Divine abundance, prayer can have powerful effects on every aspect of your life. There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer. While we may not receive the specific response we’re hoping for, it is reassuring to remember that we always receive the one we need. We are not always aware of the myriad variables that surround a situation, as our human view is very limited. God has no such limitation and can follow any path to its highest and best outcome. This card guides you to pray for whatever you feel you need more of, including patience, faith, abundance, health, love, and so forth. After you pray, let it go and put the whole situation into God’s hands. Trust that God has a full picture of your needs and complete information about the best way to resolve the situation. 


Six of Air

Things are looking up, and the worst is now behind you! There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, and stress and strain fade from your life.
The winds of change are blowing—and it’s a favorable wind. This is a good time for making changes in your career, home . . . or your outlook.
Additional meanings of this card: A trip. The end of depression or an illness. The resolution of conflict. Leaving and moving on.
Love & Light Melissa Psychic
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