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Tarot Horoscopes


Your free Tarot Horoscopes by Natalie


Aries mar 21/apr 19 For this month I feel that whether you feel insecure about something or feel your lacking things as well I feel to say don't worry as things will be looking up for you this month there will be some extra security coming your way also some a helping hand.

I feel there will be some change coming for arise this month to also some extra money coming in from some where also.

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Taurus April 20/may 20 For Taurus I feel this month will be a happy month for you I also feel celebrations and surprises coming your way also listen out for some good news that you have been waiting for.

I do also feel a change in the home wether it be decorating or moving furniture this will make you feel happy and content in your home.

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Gemini May 21/ June 20 For this month I feel to say not all is a loss try to keep on the positive side as things will improve only you know how to handle the financial situation you are in even if that means cutbacks as you may have something worth to salvage.

I feel to say ask your angels to help guide you in the right direction also feel a love life will be on the up and be stronger than ever.

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Cancer June 21/ July 22 For this month I feel to say there is going to be a message given and it will be important take heed and listen this may be worth a try to see how you will handle things coming your way.

I do feel there will be a surprise for you this month and feel that you can also relax as things will brighten up for you .

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Leo July 23/ Aug 22 Ok so I feel for this month Leos will be in for a nice surprise I feel that something that has been delayed that you have been waiting for will arrive soon I feel just a little bit more patients and you will be fine.

I feel to say try to start to relax and unwind as I feel things have been hectic for a while for you take a step back breath.

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Virgo Aug 23/ sep 22 So for Virgo, I feel this month a blindfold will be taken off and you will see things more clearly peace and harmony will come your way also be careful what you wish for as it may not show its self as it seems

Also feel that there will be fluctuations in money so becareful how you spend keep a check on things.

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Libra Sep 23 / oct 22 Ok, so this month I feel that Libra maybe having a moment of feeling alone but you're not there is love and support all around you also feel maybe take a break and have some time for your self-meditation will be good for you.

I feel spending time with family may be good for you this month also but just remember you are only one person don't take a bite off more than you can chew.

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Scorpio Oct 23 / Nov 21 Ok so this month you may have a bit of a sting in your tale about something and it's frustrating but try to keep calm and positive as good things come to those who wait.

Also, there is going to be a birth or new begging and I feel this will bring you happiness and contentment .

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Sagittarius. Nov 22/ December 21 So this month for Sagittarius I feel lots of love and happiness around I feel that love life will be good also and on the up try to relax and enjoy what comes your way I feel this will be a good summer for you.

I do feel proposals and celebrations on the cards also start to enjoy life and watch how things can be good around you.

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Capricorn. Dec 22/ Jan 19 Ok so for this month I feel that something important is about to enter your life and feel this will have something that will be important for you and need to take note and listen carefully.

Also listen out for people asking for advice because they will be coming to you as they trust you.

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Aquarius. Jan 20/ Feb 18 Ok so this month things will start to work out for you I feel there have been some lows and now you are getting stronger in your self .

Also feel to say don't let anyone bring you down to there level you are better than them and remember your a superstar and keep shining.

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Pisces Feb 19/ March 20 Ok so I feel with Pisces there are plans with travel and to be by water I feel this break will do you good and help you relax a bit more as there has been a lot going on.

I also feel work will be looking up for you also and feel maybe a rise or change in position to what you do feel this will be exciting experience as you feel you don't get much of a chance . keep shining as that's what you do best .

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