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Your Free Spirit Reading

Your free spirit messages 

Have a look at the image below and allow your intuition to guide you to a image and a number. Once you have been drawn scroll down for your message from spirit.



Sunset 1 

Your spirit guides are telling you that you need to recapture your youth. Now is the time to find your inner carefree child and that adventurous side of you. Do not be anxious and frightened and over think situation, be a little spontaneous and impulsive after all this is your life and you deserve happiness.


Sunset 2 

Your spirit guides are urging you too let go of all that no longer serves you. You are holding on to negative emotion from your past and recent past, these emotions are stored inside you and are only bringing you ill health both psychical and mental, they urge to take steps now to let these negative emotions go.


Sunset 3 

Your spirit guides say "rest", you have worked hard and now it is time for you to take a break. Take some time away from this busy stressful life and have some you time whether this be just a evening to your and a hot soak or the full works spa get away, either way do what works for you and makes your feel, after all you can not take care of others without taking care of yourself first.


Sunset 4 

Your spirits guides say to you "relax the worst is over" you need not be strong no more or feel anxious about your near future, the worst is over now and things are definitely looking up. The sun is rising over your horizon so expect all aspects of your life to get a lot more better and positive now.

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