Full Moon Rituals

Healing with the full moon.

Adding full moon ritual's to your self-care routine can aid in diving deep into your emotions as well as your intuition. Regular moon rituals of self-love can have healing effects on both your mind and body. Consistent full moon rituals can help you to disconnect from the stress filled, always busy day to day life and help to connect with nature, your intuition and live life with more meaning.

The time leading up to a full Moon can often make people moody, sensitive, and fatigued. It is helpful to use this time to pause and ask yourself how you are feeling physically and mentally? How are your relationships and career? Being in tune with your feelings will help you stay grounded and help you efficiently make positive changes. The full Moon is the perfect time to look inward and recalibrate.

Ways to tune into the full moon and perform your own rituals.

  1. Grounding

  2. Connecting with nature

  3. Meditating

  4. Deep breathing

  5. Journaling

  6. Daily gratitude

  7. Moonlit nature walk

  8. Cleansing bath or shower

  9. Writing and letter and burning in to release old emotions

  10. Make moon water

The list can go on and on however, these are some of my favourite ritual that I do during every full moon. You can ground and connect with nature at the same time simply by taking a bare foot walk in the park on grass or in the woods, just be mindful to watch where you walking. I also really enjoy a cleansing bath, filled with Himalayan pink salt, essential oils and candles, this always seem to make me feel lighter and much more calmer. And my favourite for releasing any harsh and harmful emotions that I may be carrying such as anger, jealously, bitterness I use the letter burning ceremony. Be very careful when doing this as it is fire you are dealing with so be sure you are doing it safely. Simply write down everything you want to release and burn the paper, as the paper is burning, see these issues leaving your space and again be very careful with this one.

So there you have Melissa Psychic's top tips for full moon rituals, if you do any of them please let me know in the comment or if there are any rituals I have not listed but you love to practise let me know in the comments!

All my love Melissa Psychic

Melissa Psychic Full Moon Self Care Ritual
Full Moon Ritual


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