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We are all Psychic!

We all have Psychic abilities, didn’t you know? Well yes it is very much true. We all have a third eye called the Pineal glad which is pretty much the same make up as our actual eyes! Have you ever thought of someone and they called or showed up? Or had a gut feeling about something and it turns out you were bang on? Being psychic isn’t wrapped in cloaks and scarves looking into a crystal ball. Being psychic is something that we all are it is that “just knowing” feeling that we have all had at one point or another. To develop your abilities you must first work on them as much as you possibly can as you already know practice make perfect right? First thing first on your psychic journey, you need to take care of your pineal gland how should you do this? Well the first thing is use a less fluoride as you possibly can we all know fluoride is bad for us anyway right? Well fluoride actually deposits in our pineal gland as our third eye actually holds water and when there is fluoride in it in calcifies our third eye. Eat as much fresh and organic food as possible as we all know we are what eat right? Yes ever ate lots of meat or junk food and felt tired or depressed for the days after? We are we eat is very true and extremely important in being who we are meant to me. Next thing is meditate, “sigh” yes you probably hear it or see it every single but, meditation really is amazing and you do have to try it to believe it. There are loads of apps and videos to teach you how very quickly just do a web search and your on your way. Lastly is practice, practice on friends and family try small things like predicting someones outfit before you see them or predicting who is calling before you look at the screen there are millions of ways to practice its up to you to work them out and what is best for you. But the bottom line is we all have the ability and we all have it in us. x

Posted by Melissa Psychic on 28 September 2020 19:13

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