Terms & Conditions 


It is now required by law to state that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.  

We cannot discuss health, finances nor any legal matters.  

Email reading will be sent within 48 hours 

Live readings will be booked in with 48 hours 

It is always very important to remember that readings are never in stone, the tarot only shows you the most likely outcome and things can change as we all have our own free will to make our own choices.  

Spell casting can never be guaranteed nor any type of reading. I will do a free re-cast if you have not seen results within 12 weeks once.  




Refunds are not accepted if you have received your reading within the time frame, if you are not happy, I will re-read for you once.

Live reading if you do not answer within 10 minutes your reading will be considered complete. If you do not cancel within the 24 hours' notice period I cannot guarantee and another time and you may lose your fee and the live reading will considered complete.